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Our Vision

Connected and Safe Riding

About Us

We at Revsmart are looking to solve the most pressing problems for riders using technology, innovation and design. Riding is a sport that we love, and we want to have the best possible experience for this community.

Our first product Headsup, is crafted with the best technology and design elements, that considers safety, connectivity and ergonomics. The product allows you to connect to your smart phone via bluetooth, and provide you access to communication, navigation and music without blocking your ears.

People are not born with greatness, but achieve it with hard-work and persistence. We believe we can make the world a better place by providing this new technology in audio, which enables you to go on those adventures, have the best possible experience and return back home safely.

Our Story

It was just another riding trip with 3 friends to a beautiful mountain top near the southern part of India. Since the ride was long, we wanted to have our communication and music, and thus were using earphones. The journey which was supposed to be fun, became devastating when one of my friends met with an accident.

Luckily, we were able to save him with few minor injuries. But it bothered us. Why is there no proper solution than buying expensive communication devices or using cheap unsafe earphones. As a technologist, we decided to tackle this problem for greater good, and today we are here with the best possible communication device for helmets at an affordable price.